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Welcome to the first installment of the new Leah Painter Yoga monthly newsletter. Stick around for details on the latest happenings and occasional knowledge bombs. 


Upcoming Retreat!

Be wild, be wise, and cleanse your soul! On this yoga retreat in the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Canada, you will be able to feel the strength in your body, access your inner wisdom through a balance of knowledge, movement, play, and deep connection, and reveal the wildness within yourself. Empower yourself and fellow women through this meditation and yoga retreat!

On this retreat, you will enjoy yoga and meditation sessions with varying styles every morning. You will also enjoy yoga practice every evening on the lawn or beach. After dinner, there will also be gathering for chanting, creating, sharing, and full-moon ceremony. 

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Yoga and the Brain

I see a huge benefit and direct affect of slowing down in my life. When I do a restorative type yoga practice, I am able to get out of the anxious mind chatter and things don't seem as pressing or important afterwards. The slower practices allow the time for me to fully connect with my body and breath and bring my awareness to the present. I see the direct correlations in my life when I practice slowing down and being present to the times I don't. I am more patient, less distracted, and calmer. Outside inputs don't matter as much.

Times that these practices are lacking, I get good at adding more and more on my plate to do. The more I have to do, the more I think about things to do. The more I slow down, the more I speed up (the more gets done without the stress). I know now with personal experience that what I practice becomes more deeply ingrained. I gravitate toward slowing down because that is needed to balance my nervous system from the sympathetic being turned on more in my life outside of my practice. I think that faster powerful practices can be just as great for the nervous system and allow the practice of flexibility between sympathetic and parasympathetic responses. For me however, the poses, meditations, and breath practices that stimulate my parasympathetic nervous system are needed most to help me with emotional stability, increasing my attention to being in the present, and developing a joyful new pattern. 


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Mama Yoga: Thursdays 9:30 am - 10:30 am
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One-on-One Therapeutic Yoga Sessions: 45 minute sessions online or in-person
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