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Private Yoga Therapy


Leah is thrilled to announce she is now a part of the Coastline Health and Performance team! Leah will now be offering private Yoga Therapy sessions in their office on Mondays and Saturdays.

Coastline Health and Performance is a multidisciplinary clinic, focusing on patient-centered care. They offer a variety of practitioners and treatment options, all of which are evidence-based, patient-specific and patient-centered. Practitioners work together to provide interprofessional collaboration to ensure patients receive the best possible care.

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I am passionate about people feeling free in their bodies

and minds through play, authenticity, and community.

Compassion is my jam and I'm here to help.


I support students to feel strong in their bodies and access their inner wisdom through a balance of knowledge, movement, play and deep connection. 

My passion is working one-on-one with people or small groups for specific needs. 


"Leah is very aware of each individuals level of comfort and abilities- very welcoming and supportive"