Radical Motherhood

Please take 15-20 minutes to fill out, read and understand this form. You may want to cut and paste your answers to share later with the group or to keep as a reference to your goals. As always, if you have any questions, let me know.

My Commitment  

I love my work. I believe in community, mothers, and you. I am committed to showing up with love, creating and holding a safe space to be. This space will be non-judgemental, supportive, empowering, and FUN. How you show up is perfect. I believe in your internal wisdom.

I am supported by my own practice, my own coach, and others in order to hold this space and teach. I have a large capacity and you are not a burden. Please ask as many questions as you like and share away. 

I am committed to my family and young children. My life is busy as well so there will be times when I am not present in the group and other times you notice me commenting on everything at once. I will respond to messages within 24 hours and know that I am always standing with you even if I am not on Facebook.


With payment you will be added to a secret Facebook group where you can log in when it works for you. I am requesting a full commitment to a minimum of 20 minutes a day to take in the materials, practice, and share or read others sharing. I will be posting yoga videos, audio files, writings and sharing within the group. I will also be available for one-on-one coaching with anything specific to you. 

My Expectations

1. I expect you to show up and share. Please communicate if you are planning on going missing (on a trip, out of internet range etc.) so that the group can know that you are taken care of. We are a village in this six weeks and communication is key.

2. Please focus on your own magic. Share lots. Participate. Don't compare yourself to other members of the group, everyone's life has differences, look for the spaces to relate. All the yoga practices are adaptable to every body. Ask questions if you are stuck, reach out. I am super happy to be helpful.

3. As part of creating a safe and supportive space, please do not give advice or offer solutions to other participants. Relating is the perfect medicine to be with each other in this space. We want to lift others in the group up and support them. 

4. Please save networking, product promotion, video shares of other teachings, inspirational quotes, etc. to private interaction and other Facebook groups. 

5. This six weeks is about Connection. I am creating a place for you to connect with yourself - your body, your mind, your heart, and other amazing mothers in community.

7. Please do not copy, steal, share, recreate, or replicate my teachings without consent. 

8. I expect you to keep the work in this group to yourself, to protect the privacy of others and guard our sacred space. Please commit to TOTAL confidentiality.  

Do you agree with all the expectations? *
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Do you have 20 minutes a day to spend on Radical Motherhood? Are you willing to schedule it in?
$111 Please e-transfer payment to leahjopainter@gmail.com