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The Red Tent pin is a sacred object laced with ancestral wisdom, a physical tool designed to help menstruators mindfully connect their insides to their outsides. Wearing this pin signifies that you're feeling sensitive, that you desire support, and are on an inner adventure as your hormones ebb and flow throughout your cycle. 

Herstorically, the Red Tent was a sacred space for women to gather during their periods, a womb like environment where one could rest, restore, and relax. The community knew that this time was special and had value: women were excused from the responsibilities of daily life, invited in to a supportive, divinely feminine space.

This pin is designed to be worn by modern menstruators and/or in solidarity by their friends and family. Wearing it creates an instant circle of Sisterly Love.


Instagram: @redtentmovement

Made in Canada

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Wholesale Information

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Single pins now available! 

$12.00 CAD each