I want to empower the individual with a personal practice for their whole being - mind, body, soul.
— Leah

My Story

I started attending yoga classes in my early 20's with the intent of most people (over 70%) who start yoga- to improve my physical fitness and flexibility. I have always been active in my life and I saw yoga as a form of cross-training. Teacher training opened my eyes and heart to the vast depth of yoga, and the journey of myself. I became much more grounded and calm, aware of my reactions and breath. I taught for a few years in various studios and then my practice changed again when I became a mother. As every parent knows, it is extremely hard and transforming. I suffered post-partum depression after my first child's birth and healing from physical challenges after each birth. I also noticed that every group class I taught was full of individuals living with their own physical, mental, or emotional ailments that were not being addressed through a drop-in style yoga class: The runner with a bum knee or plantar fasciitis; the senior with a shoulder injury; the child with ASD; the sleep deprived new mom with abdominal separation; the type-A person with anxiety; the grieving; the depressed. I want to empower the individual with a personal practice for their whole being - mind, body, soul. I started my yoga therapy training in 2015 and work with students one-on-one or in small groups. I continue to have a dedicated personal practice and love of learning.  


My teaching style

I have an authentic, conversational style of teaching. I welcome students to ask questions throughout classes. I don't touch my students unless we have been working together for quite awhile and I have your full permission with understanding of what kind of 'assist' I would be giving. I believe that yoga is a very personal practice and I am here as a guide to create a safe space and provide cues that would allow students to feel their body, breath, and self more fully without my interference. I focus more on how a pose feels than looks. I whole- heartedly acknowledge that no two bodies are alike and celebrate that everyone's yoga journey will look, feel, and be experienced differently. You will always have choices in my classes in anything we do and I encourage listening to your authentic voice and experience. I do not think I am THE yoga teacher for every person. 

I really do think her classes are the best ever... She is so good at helping you find something new in yourself and making the space feel safe and freeing.
— Steph D.


*Yoga, Psychology and the Mind (60 hrs) with Nicole Marcia, Krista Friesen, Jules Payne, Tracy Boyd, Tanya Roberts -- June 2018

*Sequencing for Yoga Therapy with Michelle Kahan and Jules Payne -- June 2018

*Vayus and Alignment with Michelle Kahan and Jules Payne -- May 2018

*Basic Principles of Ayurveda with Elham Ansari -- April 2018

*Journey through the Chakras with Michelle Kahan & Tanya Roberts -- March 2018

*Restorative Yoga with Jenn Piercy & Jules Payne -- February 2018

*Meditation for Yoga Therapy with Tracy Boyd & Tanya Roberts -- February 2018

*Yoga for Trauma and Mental Health with Nicole Marcia -- October 2017

*Yoga Nidra with Jennifer Piercy -- October 2017

*Yoga for Chronic Pain with Krista Friesen -- September 2017

*The Business of Yoga Therapy with Nicole Marcia and Agi Mallory -- June 2017

*Backcare with Jules Payne and Melissa Krieger -- May 2017

*This is your Brain on Yoga with Larissa Szlavik & Krista Friesen -- December 2016

*Hips & Shoulders with Jules Payne & Michelle Kahan -- November 2016

Yoga Therapy Mentorship with Lyne Lantaigne -- September- December 2016

*Pre and Post Natal Yoga with Michelle Kahan & Annie Martinello -- September 2016

*Yin Yoga with Michael Taylor -- June 2016

*The Therapeutic Relationship with Nicole Marcia -- June 2016

*80 Hour Yoga Therapy Intensive -- March 2016

*Tensegrity Series and Fascia with Michelle Schroeder and Brett Holland -- January 2016

*Philosophy of Yoga Therapy with Tracy Boyd and Tanya Roberts -- November 2015

*50+ and Chair Yoga with Jules Payne -- October 2015

Prenatal with Tania McCartney -- 2013

250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Moksana Yoga, Victoria BC -- 2007

*Workshops completed as part of the 800 hr Yoga Therapy training with Ajna Yoga 


Leah Painter has savvy intuition and the know-how to back it up— working with her was honestly a dream come true. After years of dealing with chronic lower back pain I signed up for yoga therapy sessions with Leah, and in four sessions she was able to empower my personal practice by creating a customized asana routine just for me! For the first time in years I felt a sense of space in my lower back, power in my legs and fire in my core. Leah was flexible, understanding, funny and empathic during our private sessions — I’d work with her again in a heartbeat and recommend her services to anyone who has a body!
— Kate F. (2016)